Full Demonstration Access

Below is full demonstration of the Quotesheets.net online software. The first Dasboard button screen will access all other of the demo screens.
The other 4 buttons are designed to drill into specific screens. This allows for a faster testing of the software without the need for training.


Tutorial #1 -   Create forms for Project #123

 Click the     Main Dashboard      button above

 Click either     Count   or    Open   button for project id # 108

Note:  You are now on the Project Detail screen

 Click the     Select All   checkbox or check items individually

 Click the    Submit Selected   button

Note:  All Project Items are selected and ready to process

 Click      Populate XLS Form   button to save a draft copy to your hard drive

Populate Options

 Click the     Draft   toggle button to Red-Draft to produce a Draft form data in red text.

 Click the    Final     toggle button to Green-Final to produce a Final form data in black text.

 Click the  Save File to Project   checkbox           to save the populated file to project web server.

 Click the      View Project #108   button on the top to view project detail and view, delete, upload or download any files saved to the web server project.